Date: 23rd March 2009 at 11:31am
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Gudjon says that the referee for the Leeds game later admitted that it was Billy Jones who should have had the free kick.

Billy was pulled back by Robert Snodgrass as the two chased down a ball mid way through the first half but as Snodgrass forced his way past legs tangled and the Leeds striker went down… clutching his head (to be fair, he spent most of the match doing that).

It seemed clear to most in the ground that it had been a foul on Billy but to much amazement the lineswoman flagged to penalise Jones. The decision led to Jones’s silly outburst that saw him pick up a straight red and three match ban.

Speaking to Gudjon confirmed that the club won’t be appealing Billy’s red card but highlights the shambles that was Saturday…

‘We won’t be appealing. There is no point to it but it is clear that he was the one who was fouled and the referee admitted to me that he was going to give us a free-kick until the assistant flagged.

‘He went over because he thought he had missed one. I had the fourth official telling me there was some punching going on and they both competed for the ball but there was nothing there. I don’t know what he was booked for and neither did he and that is when he used abusive language because he felt very hard done by.’

‘You don’t know what you’re doing’… it was quite apt in the end.


6 Replies to “The Referee Admitted It Was Wrong!”

  • Poor loosers… Seen on TV highlights Jones fouled Snodgrass from behind, as the only way he could deal with him, then picks on a woman, what a coward.? Booked repeatidly & Red Carded not for the first time this season Jones clearly has a problem.. Leeds had the same problem with dissent, ask Beckford.. & had he not been likewise stupid, & been on the pitch Crewe would have been hammered just like 5-2 at Elland Road. Your not in the relegation for nothing, get disciplined, get a defence & get over it as crying about Leeds wont save you or hide your problems.

  • Snodgrass did pull jones back but Jones clearly kicked Snodgrass twice afte the initial incident and was rightly booked. To argue and get sent off was stupid and spoiled the game.

  • Dear yorshirepride1

    see you next year, cos on the evidence of the last 45 minutes of the game on Saturday you aren’t going anywhere – couldn’t hold the 10 men of a supposedly poor team. Another Typical Leeds performance,y our acting would be better suited to a low budget theatre – no wonder your team is the most hated club in the football league.

  • Truealex 5-2 at Elland 3-2 at your place without Beckford? 8 goals in games you must be dellusional if you think you can win games after your 3 down..!! Sure we can hammer you at home or away every week. The only acting is your wrestling or comical defending, resultiing in your position in the league.

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