Date: 27th March 2010 at 8:29pm
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Opps. We seem to have upset our Vale friends.

Player Ratings

Steve Phillips
Had one worthwhile save to make from Marc Richards and made it. As solid as we’ve come to expect. 7/10

John Brayford
According to Mick Cullerton on Radio Stoke, Brayford and Tootle were the weak points that the Vale would target. Perhaps he forgot Brayford is one of the best full backs in the league?

Excellent game from Brayford, nullifying everything on Vale’s left. One of the best players on the pitch. 9/10

Danny O’Donnell
He had a poor period in the first half when Davies was turning him inside out but once he got to grips with him he had about as solid a game as we’ve seen from DOD. 8/10

Mat Mitchel-King
Another solid centre back performance up against, for most of the match, a decent striker in Marc Richards. Limited him to few chances however and again about as solid a game as we’ve seen from King. 8/10

Matt Tootle
Vale had clearly singled out the left back spot as our weak point, all their play seemed to go down their right flank. He did have a ‘busy’ time but to say there was little to no support from Joel Grant he did exceedingly well. 7/10

Luke Murphy
He’s no natural winger but he took advantage of the space down the right flank and caused endless problems. 7/10

Steve Schumacher
Gave Vale a few early ‘nudges’ to wake them up and matched their physical approach. Held firm in midfield and got stuck in; it was the sort of performance you need in the centre on derby day. 7/10

James Bailey
Man of the match today. He’s becoming such a key figure in the Alex midfield with his dominant displays. Really got stuck into Vale and made some superb tackles to stop Vale surges in their tracks. Possibly a match winning performance from Bails. 9/10

Joel Grant
Grant just wasn’t with it today. He quiet and when he was called into action, 9 times out of ten he gave the ball away cheaply. His first touching continually let him down and his lack of tracking back put us under pressure. Game to forget for Grant. 4/10

Clayton Donaldson
He started off quiet but as the game wore on he caused Vale no end of problems. Not being afraid to get stuck in and his apparent ‘dive’ really got to Vale fans which in turn seemed to spur Donaldson on more. Nearly added a goal to his game soon after the penalty too. I think Vale fans will agree that there won’t be a clearer penalty all season as Donaldson was hacked down in the box……… 8/10

Shaun Miller
His pace is always going to worry the opposition but it depends if he can cause them problems with it. Thankfully today he was up for it and worked the Vale defenders hard. Nearly scored a hell of a goal with a ‘mazy run’ in the second half but the ball just bobbled an inch past the post. Despatched his penalty kick well and had some guts to take it after his miss vs Torquay. 8/10