Date: 12th September 2016 at 7:26pm
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There isn`t must regarding Crewe that I can moan about at the minute.

We`re playing some nice football, entertaining crowds and unlike last season; scoring goals. My problem would obviously be the defence but as much as it is frustrating, it provides excellent entertainment value to a game; so I can definitely live with it, as much as it does frustrate me from the terraces.

One thing that is getting on my nerves slightly and has done for a good few years, is the habit from our crown to scapegoat individuals.

Some of the obvious and more recent ones have, sadly, been some of our younger players. I remember, for example, Danny Shelley being booed when he was brought on against Southend on a Tuesday night. There isn`t any support in that as far as I`m concerned, it is more a case of moaning for the sake of moaning.

Last season it was a debatable issue who the scapegoat was; between Turton and Haber. Now, for the record, I am not saying that either are great footballers. Turton has improved greatly this season so far and has certainly impressed me if not others. But there is a difference between having opinions on abilities than blaming everything that goes wrong on them, or unnecessarily offering criticism from the terraces.

This season, we`ve seen George Ray become a bit of a target, following the two games against Newport and Blackburn, in which he featured as a substitute, in games we surrendered leads.

That was prominent yesterday. A good portion of the people sat In the seats around me began to groan as it became obvious ray was going to be introduced at one point in the second half.

Whether or not you think Ray is a good footballer or not is completely irrelevant in my own view. That kind of reaction doesn`t help anyone. He may have been around for a while, but Ray is still young. Confidence will play a big part in his development, getting stick from areas in the crowd will do nothing to improve that prospect. After all, why would it?

Ray himself hasn`t actually been at fault for any of the goals conceded. For me, it is more the tactical sense in the team. They see a defender is coming on and their first reaction is to switch to a defensive mentality. Whether the manager, pre-match, has said to the players that when Ray comes on, we will change our approach to a more defence game could be a factor. But even then, that`s the manager that should take the flack, not Ray himself.

Although we all think we know best, a supporters only real job is to support, they have no other influence than that.

Especially for a club like Crewe, that support is even more vital. The younger the player, the more vulnerable they are and are more likely to go into their shell as a result, which in turn harms their development because their confidence is shot, which means the club makes less money in the future. It`s almost like a vicious circle, or positive one, depending on the outcome of the player themselves.

I appreciate that everyone is entitled to opinions, but there is a way of expressing those opinions. A Saturday afternoon is rarely one of them, especially when the team is doing well like it is at the moment.

Enjoy it, after our last few years, I certainly am.