Date: 6th September 2016 at 6:57pm
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So, it`s the 6th of September. We`re about a month into the new season. How are you feeling? Steven recently summed up our first month of the 2016/17 season so I`ll try not to repeat so much of what he said. Instead, I`m more interested in hearing the general consensus of our start.

We`re 10th in League 2. Pretty average, eh? But then again, did we all expect to go up? I, for one, expected us to be in the top half, but just missing out on the playoffs so I`m not too surprised by this.

There were many suggesting that if Steve Davis wasn`t removed from his position as first team manager that we would find ourselves relegated once again and end up toppling out of the English Football League.

What we need to remember about Steve is yes, sure, under his stewardship we`ve had a really disappointing last few seasons and at most clubs he`d have been sacked. (I am of course talking about Steve Davis, not our excellent content writer Steven Dale). It`s frustrating to have to say this, and I know that it sounds somewhat desperate, but we did have some very good times under Davis. He led us to two Wembley victories in two years. Yes, sure you can say that he had Nick Powell, Luke Murphy, Max Clayton, Chuks Aneke and other great players, but the reality is that he has proven himself at this level.

We aren`t run like a normal club and if we haven`t already, we need to get used to that. We`ve got players who, if they leave this club, will probably be playing at a much lower level. That`s the reality.

In the past, we`ve had players who have carried the team, and kept us going. When we`ve been really successful, we`ve had four or five really good players working together.

“Luke Murphy wins the ball and plays a wonderful ball out wide to Byron Moore. Moore controls well and centres it to Chuks Aneke. Aneke dinks it over the top to the onrushing Clayton who finishes calmly.”

There we go four very good players playing well together. All of whom are now playing at a higher level.

Let`s think about our best attacking players now: Alex Kiwomya, Chris Dagnall, Ryan Lowe and James Jones spring to mind. Wait a second. An in form James Jones is one of the best central midfielders in the league. An in form Alex Kiwomya can cause real problems to any League 2 defence – we`ve seen it already. Ryan Lowe and Chris Dagnall have both proven to be very prolific at this level.

We don`t actually sound all that bad do we now?

I have rambled on a bit, but bare with me: I`m almost done.

The point I`m trying to make is that for the first time since we were promoted to League 1, we`ve got a team which I think has the potential to be good at its level. That may well be because we`ve recruited well. We have spent a lot of money on our attack and while our defence may be our achilles heel, we need to remember that we are here to compete and not be surprised every time we win a point.

I think we`re good enough to surprise people this year. Let`s go for it.