Date: 21st September 2016 at 8:10pm
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The manager does because his recruitment has been spot on. For the first time since Steve Davis became our manager in 2011, he has made a group of signings where not one can be questioned. Usually, there is a cheap gamble in there somewhere. Whether that is indeed down to restrictions in the budget; we don`t know for sure, but what he set out to do in the summer has definitely worked and at present, certainly looks to be the right decision.

The board deserve credit for backing the manager. A lot of criticism aimed in their direction over the last couple of years has been the amount or lack of playing budget they have provided to the management team. They look to have very much stuck the promise they made to the fans at last season`s fans forum meeting In this regard and the difference in quality very much shows.

The team deserves credit for the way they have responded to relegation. The young players especially look like they haven`t let the disappointment get to them. The new signings have certainly helped with this aspect, they have experienced those types of disappointments in the past so their experience would have been vital in turning their particular form around. They have also played a massive part in aiding for the younger player`s development. A lot of this has involved them taking the leadership responsibilities off the most inexperienced players around them, allowing them to develop at their own pace without being in the thick of the action the entire time. George Cooper, for instance, looks a different player.

For me, though, the fans deserve the biggest credit. Although we all know the crowd last season at home to Colchester was way below the 3,000 mark, the numbers have very much stayed around that figure. This comes after three years of struggle, increased ticket prices and a lot of mistrust placed at certain people within the football club. People say your football team never leaves you and that has shown, the fans are certainly a credit to the football club.

It is nice to be able to enjoy this season so far and win some games. Obviously give me the choice then I`d always choose League One, you always want to see your team playing as high as possible. But it`s a strange situation in the sense that I`m happier in League Two, but I`d prefer to be in league one and be less happy. League Two is more enjoyable as a fan at the minute because I feel like we`ve always got a chance in every game we play; compared to League One where the game was usually lost before we`d even started, but I`d never choose League Two over League One, that would be extremely unambitious.

More of the same everybody at Crewe Alexandra please, it is certainly refreshing.