Date: 6th May 2009 at 12:35pm
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Bazman1979 rates the Alex players over the season which ultimately ended in our relegation to league 2. I`d be expecting some low scores out of ten here.

Collis – 3/10
Looked steady at start of season, but ended up a nervous wreck at the end. Needs to find form or destined to spend most of next season warming the bench.

Tommo – 2/10
Was supposed to be our best keeper that we have produced. Had his chance but didn’t take it. Shame.

Woodards – 5/10
No where near as good as last season. Maybe mind elsewhere with contract. Few decent displays in the middle of the park towards end of season.

Jones – 6/10
Started poorly at start of season, but improved under GT’s system of 5 at the back. Chipped in with a few goals. Would like to see him next season improve his defending and chip in with a few more goals considering he is a dead ball expert.

Brayford – 8/10
Our one real success of the season. Solid at the back, loves to get forward and has a not afraid to have a pop from range. Hope he is here next season.

Schuey – 4/10
Injury blighted season, though showed glimpses of potential – the Brighton game springs to mind. Needs to step up and become the main man in the middle next season.

O’Donnell – 4/10
Few average performances at the start of the season but never held down a place. Always prone the odd mistake and never looks comfortable with the ball at his feet.

Baudet – 4/10
Is this really our player of the season last year? Looked at all sorts at times, though improved towards the end of the season.

Bopp – 2/10
Started well on the wing at the start of the season, got injured then just disappeared. Is he still alive? Can’t really see him being around next season.

O’Connor – 1/10
So much potential, what a waste. Didn’t tow the line and paid the price. Also picked up the most yellow cards!

Elding – 3/10
Another one with the potential who didn’t deliver the goods. Had really high hope for him, expecting him to bang goals in left right and centre. Needs to step up his game next season.

Zola – 4/10
A disappointing season for the big hit man. Needs to find the net more often. Thought he was going to be great after seeing him score a hat trick in pre season against Hull. How wrong was i…

Grant – 3/10
Expecting big things from the pacy left winger. Went flying off the radar, don’t know what went wrong. Saw glimpses of his ability, just needs to deliver it on a consistent basis. Still finished as top in assist rankings!

McCready – 2/10
Starts at Crewe always injured, goes to Tranmere and makes over 40+ appearances, comes back to us and is injured for most of the season. Typical. Started the season, but looked only average.

Abbey – 5/10
Played ok when called upon but destined to be only a squad player. never nailed down a place. Doubtful whether will be here next season. Jumps like a salmon for such a small guy though!

Moore – 4/10
Perhaps our most frustrating player. Has the ability, loads of pace, great skill, but rarely shows it. Always seems to go for the safe option of a sideways of backwards pass rather try to beat his man. Other appears lazy at times. Hope GT can get the best out of him.

Carrington – 5/10
Another bit player. Few appearances here and there, played ok but nothing special. No major shock when released.

Pope – 7/10
Has his critics, not always easy on the eye, lacks real pace, but still ended up as top scorer. Always willing to chase a lost cause and never gives less than 100%. Not the finished article yet.

Miller – 6/10
Poor first touch, no aerial threat, poor left foot, yet still finished as second top scorer. Can’t believe Dario compared him to Maynard, yet has a knack of getting the odd goal here and there. With his pace definitely more suited to the wing.

Daniel – 4/10
Was a make or break season for him, sadly didn’t feel he did enough. Few decent performances on the left wing and at wing back. Don’t think he’ll be around next season.

Bailey – 6/10
Broke into the first team with a few decent performances. Fear he may be a bit too light weight in the middle of the park. Interesting to see what he does next season.

Murphy – 5/10
Broke into the first team showing a few glimpses of potential. Not afraid to run with the ball which is refreshing. Looking for big things from him next season.

Donaldson – 5/10
Great pace and movement and not afraid to get stuck in. Unfortunately not a great goal scoring record. Has the potential to do a lot better. Think he’ll come good next season.

McManus – 4/10
Got into the first team but didn’t exactly set it alight, getting subbed most times. Next season will have to step up to the mark.

Westwood – 5/10
Another one who broke into the first team with some competent displays. One for the future.

Shelley – 5/10
Loads of potential and plays with confidence, despite his young age. Would like to see him given more of a chance next season.

Team – 3/10
Well we did get relegated

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  • Maybe, but in comparison to some of the others, it’s still quite low! They both chipped in with a few goals also!

  • That good of a season review its copied and pasted straight into another Crewe forum! Shocking!

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